At FTO Bridging Loans we pride ourselves on offering FREE bridging loan advice regarding bridging loans and alternative methods of finance in order to ensure each of our customers are able to get the greatest deals possible.

Bridging loans present the perfect solution for people that require large sums of money for just a short period of time – generally between 1 and 12 months. The traditional use of these loans is to ‘bridge’ the gap in finances which occur when properties are being purchased within chains yet awaiting completion dates.

Key Selling Points of Bridging Loans


Quick to arrange

Able to provide people with needed funds required to snap up bargains


Flexible in terms of their underwriting

Bridging loans are considerably more flexible in regards to things such as credit history, proof of income and credit arrears.


Cheap way to borrow large sums of money required for short time periods

Bridging loans tend to come with lower set up costs and higher monthly rates of interest.


Flexible in regards to the type of property which can be used as security

All types of property can be considered as security for bridging loans, even properties in poor states of repair and in need of renovation

Important Consideration Before Taking Our Bridging Loans

Because bridging loans are only designed to be used for short periods of times, those considering taking out one of these loans must ensure that they have appropriate exit strategies in place. Bridging loans have high interest rates and when people go over the agreed bridging loan terms they can be hit with additional charges and fees, such as renewal fees. If you are looking considering a bridging loan you must first of all ensure that you have a sure exit strategy, and also a backup exit strategy ready.

If you require further advice regarding bridging loans, please call our team today who are waiting to help you.