Commercial Bridging Loans

FTO Bridging – Commercial Bridging Loans

FTO Bridging provide a fast turnaround when other lenders cannot. Due to tightening regulations banks are no longer able to offer suitable solutions for the property market especially in time sensitive situations. FTO Bridging can fuel your project with secured funds fast and efficiently.

Mainstream lenders are increasingly restrictive on loan approval and conservative with loan amounts. A commercial bridging loan is the most accessible type of finance available secured against your property rather than based on previous credit history.

Bridging Loans are preferred by property developers because they are flexible, short term solutions with an extremely fast turnaround making them perfect for the challenges of the property market.

FTO Bridging have access to an exclusive set of investors, hedge funds and other financial solutions with high lend approval rates. If you have been faced with rejection from banks and mainstream lenders a Bridging Loan could be the solution you have been looking for.

  • Office Buildings
  • Industrial Premises
  • Hotels and Public Houses
  • Semi – Commercial

Fast Commercial Property Bridging Loan Solutions

Each project is considered based on the individual client’s project and requirements and a suitable bridging loan will be offered to meet your specific needs.

We understand that time is of essence and a fast commercial bridging loan delivery is essential. FTO Bridging work quickly to provide access of funds which can take as little as 48-72 hours dependent on the project and lending requirements.

Commercial Bridging Finance

The property finance sector is an ever shifting landscape that requires the knowledge and experience of trained and experience professionals – This is where FTO Bridging excel.

FTO Bridging are constantly analysing and improving our financing solutions to ensure that our range of Commercial Bridging Loans are the very best in the industry.

FTO Bridging offer no set criteria for Commercial Bridging Loans providing there is a suitable exit strategy planned. Loans are generally short term ranging from 1-36 months with interest rates starting from 0.43% in some cases.

The costs and fees involved with setting up property development loans can be charged in numerous ways, depending on which lender is used.

The main four development finance costs however are:

Also referred to as an arranged fee, this is charged as a percentage of the net or gross loan amount.

Interest rates can be charged on a monthly or annual basis and vary from lender to lender.

The exit fee is often a percentage of the loan amount but in some cases can be  the percentage of the gross development value.

This is a fee charges by your broker for arranging a finance facility to suit you.

Other development finance costs which you should also take into consideration include:

valuation fees, application fees, legal fees, administration fees, monitoring fees, draw down fees and telegraphic transfer fees.