Development Finance Specialists

At FTO Bridging Loans we offer an extensive selection of development finance options, able to arrange finance for a vast variety of development projects, from building new houses, to developing high value luxury apartment complexes and more.

As independent development finance brokers, home to some of the UK’s most leading specialists, we are able to search the complete market in order to find the greatest deals and always strive to negotiate the best possible term, interest rates and fees.

The extensive range of lenders that we work with allows us to offer a comprehensive selection of lending options that can facilitate for most development projects, with an abundance of benefits.

Development finance available;

  • up to 70% of the current Loan to Value on day one & no more than 75% of the Gross Development Value.
  • Rates for development from 4.5% per annum…
  • 100% build costs available.
  • £25k to £25 Million (Unlimited for the right deal)
  • Asset based loans – Adverse Finances Irrelevant
  • We can help if you have no experience!
  • We can help from ground up to part built.
  • Types of development including permitted development (Commercial to Residential), Care Homes, Hotels, Property Conversions, Commercial Builds
  • Loans to Individuals or Corporates or SPV’s
  • Joint Ventures & Mezzanine Finance available.
  • Loans Available England, Scotland & Wales

FTO Bridging can be relied upon to deal with all cases quickly and efficiently, to deliver short term property loans that solve the financing requirements on all the types of residential and commercial property transactions. Call our development finance specialists on 08000147798

The Best Residential & Commercial Finance Deals

The greatest deals on property development finance are available when choosing to borrow up to 60% of the land cost, 100% of the development cost and up to 60% of gross development costs.

Here at FTO Bridging Loans however we offer facilities up to 70% land cost, 100% development costs and 70% of dross development costs. Not only this but we are also able to fund 100% of all property develop costs where additional security is available.

100% Satisfaction

For each and every one of our customers we compare all of the best lenders to ensure that we are able to provide the best deals available.

Advantages of Development Finance

One of the main benefits of development finance is that it can pervade the largest funding facility. It allows for funds to be raised the start of a project (secured against the value of the plot or other property) and as construction work progresses further funds can be released.

Many lenders of development finance are even willing to fund 100% of construction costs when lending against the anticipated end value of projects.

Other advantages of development finance include:

  • Property in which other lenders would consider unstainable security, such as derelict buildings and rundown buildings, can be used as security
  • Interest can be added to facilities meaning that monthly income is not an issue
  • Funds can be releases in stages throughout projects rather than all at once, reducing interest rate charges

The costs and fees involved with setting up property development loans can be charged in numerous ways, deepening on which lender is used.

The main four development finance costs however are:

Also referred to as an arranged fee, this is charged as a percentage of the net or gross loan amount.

Interest rates can be charged on a monthly or annual basis and vary from lender to lender.

The exit fee is often a percentage of the loan amount but in some cases can be  the percentage of the gross development value.

This is a fee charges by your broker for arranging a finance facility to suit you.

Other development finance costs which you should also take into consideration include:

valuation fees, application fees, legal fees, administration fees, monitoring fees, draw down fees and telegraphic transfer fees.