Residential Bridging Loans

The Fastest & Most Accessible Short Term Cash Injection Available In The UK

Access large amounts of cash fast with FTO Bridging regardless of previous credit history or CCJs.  Use your current property to secure funds instantly allowing you to cease time sensitive opportunities that would otherwise be missed.


The purpose of a residential bridging loan is to bridge the gap between buying a new property and selling your old property.

FTO Bridging have direct access to a variety of fund sources and regulated financial solutions which enables us to provide you with residential bridging loans quickly with a fast approval process.

Bridging Loans can be secured for a variety of reasons and usually suit customers that need a fast financing solution.

  • Buying An Auction Property
  • Investing In Multiple Properties
  • Raising Capital
  • Chain Break Finance
  • Property Refurbishing or Converting

Bank loans are increasingly difficult to secure and have a long approval process making them unsuitable in times where a fast turn aroun is required in the property market. we have an established network of fund sources ready to provide funds secured against your property without lengthy approval processes or credit checks.

Residential bridging loans are typically provided for short-term periods ranging from 1 to 24 months.

At FTO Bridging we have an excellent approval rate and bespoke lender solutions to fit the individual needs of our customers. Our structured approach to the application process is easy, fast and efficient so that you will receive your funds when you need them.

The costs and fees involved with setting up property development loans can be charged in numerous ways, deepening on which lender is used.

The main four development finance costs however are:

Also referred to as an arranged fee, this is charged as a percentage of the net or gross loan amount.

Interest rates can be charged on a monthly or annual basis and vary from lender to lender.

The exit fee is often a percentage of the loan amount but in some cases can be  the percentage of the gross development value.

This is a fee charges by your broker for arranging a finance facility to suit you.

Other development finance costs which you should also take into consideration include:

valuation fees, application fees, legal fees, administration fees, monitoring fees, draw down fees and telegraphic transfer fees.